4 Best Ways to enjoy old school games on your Phone


Title: 4 Best Ways To Enjoy Old-School Gaming On Your Phone If you’re feeling some nostalgia for old-school games that you played in your younger days, you don’t have to be left hanging. There are plenty of ways to play those favorite retro-style games – whatever genre you may favor – right on your mobile phone.

Here are some of our favorite ways to tap into past eras of gaming.

1. Seek Out Childhood Characters

Finding exact replicas of childhood games on a mobile device isn’t easy (you’ll have better luck with a browser-based emulator). However, finding a newer game that features favorite characters from your past is a fairly reliable bet these days! Pokémon characters are now in multiple mobile games for instance, as are classic fighters from franchises like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Even mobile versions of Pac Man are widely available, and the new gaming service Apple Arcade introduced a sort of reimagined Frogger! The list of specifics could go on and on (there’s even a new Mario Kart mobile game), but the general idea is that you can feed your nostalgia a bit by finding long-established game characters, even if they’re in new games.

2. Find Slot and Card Games

In the past, most digital versions of these decades-old casino favorites were one of two things: cheesy or expensive. Often, the games were cartoonish, loud apps that got old after a few minutes – and those more professional options involved real-money gaming and were only accessible where such activity is legal. Neither option was necessarily appealing or satisfying for nostalgic gamers. Now, however, some legitimate gambling platforms offer free games or free slot spins that can be accessed via mobile, as well as card-gaming content that can be enjoyed on the cheap. These platforms tend to have real-money options as well, and aren’t immune to the occasional cheesy animation, but all in all they’re far better simulations of vintage casinos than games past.

3. Find Retro Animations

If you’re finding that the specific games you want to play just aren’t out there, you may be able to find similarly-styled games that work just fine for you. Retro animations and pixel-heavy designs call back to past eras when you may have fallen in love with games in the first place. You may not even remember the first time those games came out; Joust, for instance, was released in 1982, and given that the average gamer is 34 years old, we’re guessing that if you played it, or any of its contemporaries, they were among your first games! Somehow the pixelation and style of those old games has proven to be somewhat timeless, appealing to people’s love of all things vintage and becoming fairly popular in the realm of apps. That’s not to say you’ll enjoy a mobile Joust specifically, but there are dozens if not hundreds of games that make you feel like you’re back in time jus t through their animation and style.

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4. Use Mobile App Versions

Last but not least, some semblance of the board games you remember playing as a kid can be found on mobile platforms. There are versions of Monopoly, Boggle, Clue, and so many more it’s actually hard to think of an example that hasn’t been adapted. Even newer games like Settlers of Catan and Splendor have mobile apps. Some of these games even allow for internet-based multiplayer, such that you can engage with friends or family through the game. Either way though using your smartphone or tablet device to get back into your old favorite board games can be a blast.


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