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New leak gives an idea of how it will look like Apple iPhone 8 serial smartphone

Resource BGR has published a series of exclusive images, which is said to have captured the layout of the smartphone Apple iPhone 8, which the network everyone is talking lately. The layout of this supposedly shows the final design of future trends.

The source claims that the creation of the device layout use the same parts and components from which it is planned to collect serial iPhone 8.

As you can see, the device pictured is devoid of the Home button, and completely devoid of, but that messages were in the past, so there is nothing new in this. It is assumed that the fingerprint sensor will be integrated directly into the display. The front panel is covered with a protective glass-2.5D with sloping edges. The display of the new iPhone at 8 must be OLED, rather than LCD. Alas, on this photo to confirm this assumption does not work, but previous reports have indicated that placed orders for a total of 200 million OLED panels to be used in the iPhone.

In the upper left corner is the double main camera, which units are arranged vertically, as in the earlier image released Mac Otakara. On the left side volume buttons visible, right is on / off button / lock. It is usual for Apple layout of physical controls.

If you turn a look at the lower end, it can be seen that n Rimer Moto Z2 Force smartphone iPhone 8 will not follow, and 3.5mm headphone jack does not return. For these purposes, still serves Lightning connector.

Another curious detail in the photo – a metal ring on the perimeter of the body, like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

Usually Apple announces new iPhone in September, shortly after which the device goes on sale, but the latest data show that this year the company may postpone the actual launch of the iPhone 8 because of the difficulties associated with the fingerprint reader. His alleged incorporation under the screen turned out to be much more technically challenging than originally anticipated. Difficulties can slow down production.

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