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Nokia 9 smartphone with 8 GB of RAM found in the database of GeekBench

The past week was marked by leaks about the future of the flagship company HMD – smartphone Nokia 9. First, the network appeared live news photos and examples of images his camera , and later the results of a smartphone in Geekbench were published, where he scored a record 7770 points in the multi-threaded test . However, that insiders have not calmed down and gave another screenshot of testing Nokia 9, in which the attention is attracted not an evaluation of performance, and an impressive amount of RAM to 8GB.

The smartphone is indicated in Geekbench base not as HMD Global TA-1004, but under the name «Unknown Heart», but insiders claim that the secondary features, we can conclude that it is indeed one of the Nokia prototype 9. A bit strange looks and score in the test 615 / 1116 points, which is significantly less than the previously published record of 2255/7770 points.

However, there is a long list of more or less reasonable explanation: an early prototype, created to test this amount of RAM that have not yet been optimized; Android operating system is not able to take advantage of this free memory; Geekbench benchmark itself is not designed for such a configuration, since it can not be considered typical, etc. etc.

Also, while it is impossible to give a precise answer to the question whether will be available in the top-end version of the Nokia 9 with 8 GB of RAM or is it really just a working prototype, trying to find the boundaries of reason. However, the wait is not so long – a 5.3-inch Nokia flagaman based on Snapdragon 835 should be submitted before the end of this year with a price tag of about $ 700.


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