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Fix Fast Battery Draining Issue In Redmi Note 3

Fix Fast Battery Draining Issue In Redmi Note 3 


Redmi Note 3 is beast mobile, and it fit to our budget as it was budget smartphone all things of it was perfect with that price tag.The most common issue is battery draining in Redmi Note 3 and even heating issues many of the Redmi Note 3 users are facing these problems. Even most of the users exchange their Redmi Note 3 just because of these reasons.

So, Today we decided to make an article on how to minimize the battery drainage and make it last longer. Issues like heating and battery draining are the common problems of every mobile. So that doesn’t mean that you go to service center everytime you can solve this little issue by yourself by following these methods.Fix Fast Battery Draining Issue In Redmi Note 3 

Redmi Note 3 has excellent battery backup still, users are facing fast battery draining issues. So we are providing these ways to reduce the battery draining issue in your Redmi Note 3 to some extent.

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Fix Fast Battery Draining Issue In Redmi Note 3

Redmi Note 3 have 4050 mAh battery still if you are facing the Battery draining problem then follow this steps 😉

1.First of all whenever you charge your mobile make sure to turn off your data and then charge and do not unplug it until its shows 100%.

2.Whenever you are running your mobile make sure to Turn Off your GPS if not needed. GPS Consumes a lot of battery which results in fast battery drain.

3.If you are running your mobile phone in light environment likes inside the high light room or outside your house like in parks etc . Then reduce the brightness option to 50%. It also consumes large battery percentage.

4.Turn off the Wi-fi or mobile data as well if you are not using.

5.Do not run any background application if not needed.

6.Set preferred network to 2G if you are not using mobile data or using Wi-fi.

7.Make sure to install all the updates providing by Xiaomi.

So these are the ways by which you can fix the Battery draining issue in redmi note 3.

I hope they will work correctly and if you have any query regarding it then make sure to comment as well.


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  • Hello. I have buyer my Redmi note 3 during October. At that time it was behaving perfectly and the battery life was very strong. I had to charge it only once a day. But from some time like 1 month it’s battery is becoming really bad. I had to charge it twice or even thrice a day which is really horrible. Its like I am using 2500-3000mah battery.
    Please help me and suggest what should I do.