How to install Google Play Store in Oppo Find X [Guide]


If you are facing the issue in install Google play store in  Oppo Find X then you can follow below steps to download Google play store in  Oppo Find X. This guide should work on any  Oppo Find X. so How to install Google playstore in  Oppo Find X?

The Chinese electronics company OPPO has just unveiled a new smartphone called the Find X. Featuring an edge-to-edge display covering 93.8% of the front, the Find X avoids having an iPhone X-style notch through an unusual design choice: the front-facing camera module is hidden and pops out of the top of the phone.

The Oppo Find X’s camera is unusual in that while so many premium 2018 flagships use a notched display, Oppo instead hides it underneath a motorised pop-up array that means that the Oppo Find X is almost all screen at the front. Specifically, it boasts a screen-to-body ratio of 93.8%, thanks to giving no screen space at all to front facing cameras.

However, it’s not just the front facing camera that pops up. Flip the Oppo Find X around, and you’ll find no evident camera on the back either. That’s because it’s in the same motorised array as the front facing camera. That means that there’s also no rear camera bump on the Oppo Find X at all because why would you need one?

If style is important to you, there will also be a limited edition Atomobili Lamborghini edition of the Oppo Find X, with a carbon fibre rear casing and Lamborghini styling. However, it does cost quite a bit more than the standard Find X, and it’s not clear if we’ll see it locally in any case.


1. Google Installer v3 APK:

How to install Google play store in  Oppo Find X:

1. Install Google Installer v3 apk & open it. Click on Blue symbol, Google apps will start downloading in OPPO Find X.

2. Install each app one by one till 6 apps get installed – Play Store, Play Services, Services Framework, Account Manager, Calendar Sync, Contact Sync.

3. Go to Settings > Installed Apps > Search “google”. Enable all app permissions, Disable App battery Saver, Enable Auto start for the above 6 apps.

4. Reboot your phone, open Play store app and sign into your Google Account.

After rebooting your device you will see that google playstore is installed in your device running latest  Oppo Find X.


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