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[APK]Download Blackberry Priv System apps(Launcher,keyboard and Calendar)

Blackberry again came back in smartphone market with it’s first Android based Smartphone named as Blackberry priv (Venice)comes with android lollipop 5.0.1 out of the box with touch and try keyboard the amazing feature in keyboard are that Keyboard of Blackberry priv also Touch Keyboard where as the apps of Price is also unique.

If you want System/stock apps of Blackberry Priv and run in any other lollipop powered device like Samsung,Motorola,Sony,etc.then you can download those apks for eg Launcher,Keyboard,services,calendar,hub and install it in your device.

Thanks to XDA dev Xaiux for providing list of working apps download links of Blackberry priv ,You can download all the apks from the links given below.

#Download Blackberry Priv (Venice) System apps

1.Blackberry Priv Services.apk

Its is required to be installed first in order to run any other blackberry apps(Launcher,keyboard and Calendar)
Download Services.apk

2. Blackberry Priv Keyboard.apk

Download awesome keyboard of blackberry priv from below link.
Download Keyboard.apk

3.Blackberry Priv Launcher.apk

Blackberry Priv runs on android lollipop where as its launcher is completely different from lollipop as it based on android marshmallow that is vertically scrolling.

Download Launcher.apk

4.Blackberry Priv Calendar.apk

The calendar on Blackberry priv is similar to their calendar with some minor UI and Design change in it.

Download Calendar.apk 

#Some other Apps of Blackberry priv are-

Download Blackberry priv Hub.apk

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