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Bug me not free login details for many sites

Some of the websites force you to register your details and create your account first , to be able to get access to their downloads or any other features that they require an account. But this can be dangerous when a lot of websites are being hacked these days and your private information may be compromised when any of these sites get hacked. Also all these registration processes, wastes a lot of time in filling up those fields and confirming it via email etc. So here is a simple and quick solution that you can easily log into any websites without even having the hassle of registering or creating an account



BugMeNot is a popular service that lets users share their login information ,so that  it could be used by others and hence be available for any website they are trying to log in.
You will just need to enter the website url in the box provided in the home page of  BugMeNot and it will return a list of login usernames and passwords for you to access the website with the percentage of success rates for each of the respective passwords.
So you can now login to majority of website without even registering or creating an account first.If you share your thoughts or want to share some sites similar to this please leave your suggestions on the comment section below.Cheers..:)

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