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How to Avoid Buffering When Streaming Video?

In the last few years internet movies and video has grown to a peak. People are going crazy about watching videos via internet directly. They spend their free or travelling time in entertaining themselves. And for sure this is the easiest way out.

While streaming movies or video on internet is an easy way out, buffering is the most irritating part. Imagine you are watching a movie on YouTube and during process of 2 hours you have already faced that buffering sign for 20 times. Doesn’t this sound frustrating? Therefore, today we will be discussing top 5 ways to get rid of that circular buffering sign revolving in front our eyes:-



  • Disconnect devices

While new technology has taken over our hard work and efforts, it is definitely giving us some awesome experiences. You can connect your home appliances to your internet connection and use then by sitting at one place.

But we should also remember that the internet speed goes down after connecting it to various devices. Therefore, it would be recommended to stream online movies only after disconnecting all other devices from the internet. For sure, your internet speed would double in seconds.

  1. Change your router channel

Try changing the channel your router is trapped into. There are many channels in total that are connected to your ip address. Download apps like WiFi or Acrylc to check which channel is less crowded.

Click on the channel and go into the browser and type your ip address, Now enter your username and password. This will help you to increase your internet speed instantly.

  1. Clear your internet history

While you are working on your web browser, there are thousands of files and small web pages that you open. When you shutdown the computer these files go to your history. This restrains the working of the internet when you open it the next day. Therefore, it would be better if you clear your cache and history before streaming movies and videos.

  1. Ethernet cables would be a better idea!

Generally. When a router is wirelessly connected to your device, it can only provide you with half the speed you are expecting from it. Whereas, when the computer or laptop is connected with ethernet cables its speed automatically doubles. Therefore, this can be a better option for Desktop or laptop users as ethernet cables need adaptor to join in.

  1. Movie streaming application

Downloading and watching movies have always been the main aim of most of the movie lovers. Thus, the problem of buffering can be solved with just downloading a particular movie streaming application on your devices. There are many apps; TubeMate, SnapTube, Videoder, VidMate, Cartoon HD, Popcorn time, PlayView, Showbox, PlayBox HD, CinemaBox HD. These apps provide you with unlimited movie downloading with less internet consuption.

Users can download and install these apps from various websites like uptodown, Mobango, apkpolice, apkmirror, 9apps and many more.
  Final words

We hope that this article will help you to generate good internet speed for watching movies online or offline. Do let us know your experience with the tricks and tips mentioned above. ThankYou!

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