How to turn on Safe Mode in Moto G4 and G4 Plus 2016


How to boot Moto G4 plus and G4 into Safe mode.So what actually is a safe mode is ? and why you should use it ? Many time your device starts giving problems like low battery backup,Keeps restarting time to time automatically,Lagging issue, Screen freeze, heating problem and many more then we don’t know what is the problem actually it is a hardware problem or a software problem or it just happening due to any malware app.


Then the safe mode comes in role here.through safe mode, you can boot your device into a safe state where an only stock app will say only so that you can identify what the problem is.If you are facing problem for a long time and when you boot your device into safe mode and starts using it for a day and if you face the same problem again it means the problem is on your device and if you didn’t face the old problem then it means there is some app installed on your device which is creating that problem.

So this can be the best troubleshoot trick to find the actual problem in your android device.

#Turn Safe Mode On or Off on Moto G4 and G4 Plus:

⇒ How to Enable Safe Mode

  • First, Press and hold the power button for a second.
  • Once you get the options like Shutdown restart and other.
  • Then press and hold on Restart button for 4-5 sec, You will get a popup showing restart in safe mode.
  • Press the OK button and let the device boot into safe mode.
  • Once it starts again you will see safe mode written at the left bottom of the screen that means you have successfully boot into safe mode.

⇒How to Disable Safe Mode

  • Press the power button, wait until the menu appears.
  • Select the power off once your device is Off.
  • Now Press the power button again  to boot up normally.


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