Today, we have amazing earpods for you. It looks like Apple Airpod but is budget oriented earpods with better build quality under $50. Wireless Earbuds, Syllable Truly Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Sweatproof Earphones with Mic for iPhone iPad, Android Smartphones Tablets, Laptop and More – D900 Mini.

 Now we will do in depth review of this product so please the whole article.

Buy Syllable Wireless Earbuds D900 Mini

1.Design and Built Quality

  • In the terms of build quality it is made with good quality of plastic. Size (LWH): 0.79 inches, 0.79 inches, 1.06 inches, Weight: 0.16 ounces. It is not so delicate and heavy to wear. In terms of design its look pretty cool and stylish.

2.Function and specification

  • State of Art Headphone Design, Virtually wireless, Set yourself free from all cables, enjoy your favorite music under most relaxing conditions while workout, running, walking and more.
  • Noise Cancelling technology, Maximize Noise reduction, Two power Audio driver deliver crystal clear sounds.
  • Ultra lightweight, less than 0.2oz, providing comfortable listening experience.
  • Up to 2 hours battery life,Comes with wireless charging Box able to charge it up to 6 times. Please put both headphones in the charging box to charge battery case and headphones at the same time if the battery life does not match with your expectation
  • Sweat Proof, Compatible with Most of the Bluetooth enabled devices, work with your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Android Smartphones, tablets, chrome Books, Windows Laptops, desktops, Bluetooth Speakers and more. 1 year Warranty provided for Syllable Bluetooth Headphone.


Accessories comes with this earpods is charger and warranty and guarantee card only.

4.Product description

Ultra lightweight and comfortable
Light as feather, less than 0.2oz, feels like wearing nothing, Extra pair of Earbuds provided ensure it fit perfectly in different size and shape of ear, provide the most comfortable listening experience.

Buy Syllable Wireless Earbuds D900 Mini


There is a small letter L on the headphone means for Left Ear and R for Right Ear. Right one already paired with Left one, and it will automatically pair with the Left headphone after you turned it on, you need ONLY to pair the Left Headphone with your Smartphone/Device.

1. How do I paring it with my Smartphone?/ Bluetooth headphone cannot be found on my Smartphone’s Bluetooth 
Press the button on the Left Headphone till it flash between Blue and Red, Turn on your Smartphone Bluetooth function to pair with it;
Press the Right one for around 2 seconds till it flash Blue light(Turn on the Right one to pair with Left one).

2. How do I Re-pairing with my Smartphone?
Press the button on the Left headphone for around 2 seconds till it flash Blue light, it will automatically paring with the LAST connected device if your turned on Bluetooth function in your Smartphone.
Press the Right one for around 2 seconds till it flash Blue light(Turn on the Right one to pair with Left one).

3.What if No sounds came out from the Right headphone?
Press the button on the Right one for around 2 seconds till it flash Blue light.
If still no sounds come out after few seconds, please press both headphones till they flash between Blue and Green, then wait for few seconds, then try Tip No.1;

4.How to turn off the Bluetooth headphone?
Long press till Red light on.

5. Headphones are not charging in the charging Box
Place the headphone in the charging box, make sure the pins are aligned with each ear piece, Close the Lid and press the power button.

It is best selling earpods, so if you are thinking to buy this go and grab it fast.

Buy Syllable Wireless Earbuds D900 Mini


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