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{Original} Best Galaxy Note 8 Themes (Best 5 Themes)

Best Galaxy Note 8 Themes
Best Galaxy Note 8 Themes

Here is some Best Galaxy Note 8 Themes for your note 8. What more, all of these are completely free note 8 themes! Your search for free Galaxy Note 8 Themes ends here! Here’s an exclusive list of Best Note 8 Themes!

Samsung’s Android software, or should I say Android skin, has come a long way. I still remember rocking the TouchWiz on my good old Galaxy Y. And right now, Samsung Experience is powering my Galaxy Note 8. Wow, what a journey it has been! Samsung Experience is way more intuitive and feature-rich when compared to TouchWiz. One of the perks of using a Samsung phone these days is ThemesSamsung Themes has a lot to offer here. From simply changing the wallpaper to completely changing the look and feel of your device, Samsung Themes has got you covered. Today, we have the best collection of Free Note 8 Themes available for you to download!

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Download Best Galaxy Note 8 Themes

1. DARKEST Blueberry Note 8 Theme

The DARKEST Blueberry is one of the best Note 8 Themes available for download the moment. The theme uses pitch black as its base for most of the things. Almost every single aspect of the system is themed very nicely. The icons in the Setting remain multicolored which is a pretty nice touch.

2. The Secret of not playing Note 8 Theme

3. PureAndroidUI Note 8 Theme

The PureAndroidUI Note 8 theme is perfect for anyone who loves the Stock Android look and fee. The theme does a very good job of mimicking the Stock Android. Almost all the system apps are thoroughly themed to give the Pure Android look and feel on your device. Even the icons are themed to match the Stock Android. In short, this is the best Stock Android Note 8 Theme!

4. Flat TouchWiz Black Note 8 Theme

The Flat TouchWiz Black theme is my personal favorite. As the name says, the theme gives a flat look and feel throughout the Samsung Experience UI. What more, it’s a black/dark theme. That’s right, all the themeable resources are customized to give a black background which is perfect for Dark Theme lovers. It even comes with a pure black wallpaper. If you are looking to save battery, this is perhaps the theme you are looking for. You could probably call its the best Dark Note 8 Theme!

5. Pixel Note 8 Theme

If you are looking for perfect Note 8 theme to mimic the Pixel Experience on your Note 8, then this is what you are looking for. Everything, including the icons, status bar, notification shortcuts – almost everything is themed to match the Google Pixel look. This is one of the best Note 8 Themes available right now!

Galaxy Note 8 Themes

There a literally thousands of Galaxy Note 8 Themes available on the Samsung Theme Store. You can head to Settings > Wallpapers and themes where you can browse all the themes.

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If you liked any of the Best Galaxy Note 8 Themes we have mentioned above and you have trouble downloading them from the provided link, simply head to the Samsung Themes section and search for them by the name; you should be able to download it from there.

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