Top 10 Best Moto Z Mods That you should Try !


List of Best Moto Mods with low price.Lenovo just announced its two new flash ship devices that are Moto Z and Moto Z force that comes it totally new technology or we can say concept that is called “Moto Mods.”So what Moto Mods is ? and what are some best Moto Mods? What is the price/cost of Moto Mods is ?.

Best Moto Mods

We will answer all of your questions here.Firstly what is Moto Mods? Moto Mods are the easily swappable sub-modules with unique functionality in it that can be attached to Moto Z or Moto Z force in justs swap with the help of magnets in it.There can be unlimited numbers on Moto mods available soon in the market with the different price range you can buy it from BestBuy if you are from the UK or the US or you can buy it from Amazon if you are from Indian or other Asian countries soon this September 2016.The price is not yet disclosed but it may be aroung 10$-100$ according to the Mod.

If you are a developer you can also start developing your moto mods by registering yourself on website today.

Many different types of Moto mods are available, and some are concept yet but still they are awesome.Here is the list of best Top 10 moto mods that you should try.

#Best Moto Mods for Moto Z and Moto Z Force

1.Moto JBL SoundBoos Speaker Mod


JBL SoundBoost is just one way to transform your mobile experience with Moto Z + Moto Mods™. Learn more High-quality JBL audio Give your smartphone a boost with powerful stereo sound.Simply snap on the speaker and it plays instantly. No pairing. No hassle.

It can work for about 10Hours on its battery (1000 mAh) without using the device battery with USB Type C external charging.

2.Moto Insta-Share Projector Mod


Moto Insta-share Projector Mod is a pocket projector that can project any video, images and more on any 70″ big screen in just a snap.Take the ultra-thin projector anywhere and share onto just about any flat surface. Use the integrated kickstand to project at any angle.
Gather friends around to share your vacation photos, watch your favorite shows, or tune into the big game.It can project on any flat surface into a 70″ big screen in a click.

3.Moto Incipio offgrid Power Pack Mod


Moto Incipio Off-grid Power Pack is Power Bank Mod for Moto Z.It can automatically charge at the most efficient times to get up to 20% more battery life.Recharge anywhere and look great doing it, with designer editions by kate spade new york and TUMI.

Now you can charge your phone and the pack, wirelessly with inbuilt battery pack inside this mod.It can charge device to use up to 22 hours of battery with the single charge of the Power Pack Moto Mod.

4.Moto Style Shell Mod


Moto Style Shell Mod add a new look to your device just like an adding a back cover in your Moto Z.This doesn’t make the device bulky and thick, but it makes it look awesome and premium with good grip in hands.You can custom design these shell by selecting from premium materials like real wood and leather, or choose a patterned fabric on Moto Maker

he Moto Style Shell is optimized, designed for comfort, and snaps easily onto your phone without adding bulk

5.Moto Smart Cast Mod

moto smart cast mod


Moto Smart cast can cast any document or Virtual keyboard by a projector than can be controlled by I/O.This Mod is still a concept, but soon it will be in real.

6.Moto OneComputer Mod

Moto onecomputer mod

One Computer Mod comes with all in one connectors in it then can help you to connect your device with the different type of ports and cable like USB cable, HDMI cable, etc.

This mod is also a concept Mod.

7. Moto Hypercharger Mod

Moto hypercharge mod

Hypercharge Mod can charge your device up to 85% in just 15 mins  isn’s it cool ?.It can be the life save when we are in the hurry, and our device battery is about to die.

8.Moto Adventure AMP Mod

13411883_1099211506793941_7513943672722508317_o (1)

This Mod is best when you go on any adventure because it makes your device Dustproof, Shock proof and water proof also.

9.Moto Pro Camera Mod


This mod is for Photographers who can use to get 10X Optical zoom to shoot best pictures from Moto Z and get immense photography experience.

10.Moto waterproof Mod


As the name of the mod say all about it.That can give guaranteed wateproofing to your device and can record videos and click pictures even under water.

Stay tuned and keep visiting Many more interesting and Cool mods are to come we will update this post as soon as it comes.


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