[Solved] Remove invert Color Option in Moto X ,Moto G,Moto E in Lollipop [All gen]

Motorola recently introduce invert color option feature in lollipop powered Moto Devices that are Moto X1st gen,Moto X 2nd gen,Moto G 1st gen,Moto G 2nd gen and at last Moto E 2nd gen.But It is only experimental Feature and have bug that it is not removing by disabling it again.
Many users reported that then Can’t remove invert Color option from quick settings after enabling it manually or automatically from accessibility options in settings.So today we will help you in solving this problem and Tell you How To remove invert Color option From quick setting In Motorola Device in lollipop.

So lets start with the steps of removing invert Color Option from settings.


 #Steps to remove invert Color Option From quick setting Menu.

Note:Below Steps are applicable for all the Motorola device mentioned above and other devices of Samsung,Sony,Micromax,LG, having android lollipop in them.

1.Set you Moto  device Date to back by 1 month and a day from settings->Time&Date .

2.Now navigate to Settings->Accessibility->Color inversion(experimental)  switch it On then OFF it again.

3.Now Set the correct Date and Time again from the Settings again.

4.Voila !!! Done,Now you will not see “Invert Color” option in the quick settings again.If you pull down Status Bar again.

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