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How to move App/games from internal memory to Sdcard in Lollipop (with pictures)

Hello Friends today i will tell You how can you change the default installation location in any android device running on android lollipop.
Many of your are facing Low on internal memory after installing some apps and games the reason behind this is that in lollipop the default storage location of installation is set as internal memory.This tutorial will help you to set the default installation location to  SDcard in android Lollipop or in CM 12 Roms.
Changing default storage location in android lollipop

How to Set default installation location to SD Card

1.Open Settings then navigate to Apps.
2.Then click on three dots on top right corner.
3.A menu will be opened as show in image.
4.Now select Preferred Installion Location.
5.Then select Removable SD card.
6.Done!Now your default installation location is set as SD card.
7.Now just uninstall the app and install it again. 
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