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Tips on how to Use Android device As Pc Modem

Use Android device as your Pc’s Internet Modem

In today’s era all of us are having android devices such as android smartphones
and and tablets but may be some of us are not having modems for
internet!! Yes they are right why to have modem if you own a android
smartphone! yes today i will tell you how to use your android smartphone
as pc internet modem.

Step to use your Android phone as a Modem:


Android Usb Cable
Pdanet 3.02


1. Go to the Android market and search Pdanet App. Download and install the app
on your phone.
2. Now Install the Pdanet on your PC or Mac. Search google for the download linkand then Download and install the program. Then you can see the Pdanet icon tray on your computer.
3. Then connect you Android phone to PC via USB cable, and Tether your Smartphone to your computer.
4. Now open Pdanet on your Smartphone and tap to Enable USB Tether to enable your Smartphone to
act as the modem for your computer.
5. Click the Pdanet icon on your computer and choose Connect. This will connect your PC to the
Internet via your Smartphone Phone.

So now you are connected to internet via your android Smartphone
Tips on how to Use Android device As Pc Modem

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