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How to Fix Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue on Xiaomi Mi 6X

How to Fix weak Signal on Xiaomi Mi 6X: Xiaomi Mi 6x has launched in China in April 2018 but it will be launched in India with the name of Xiaomi Mi A2. As you know many people are waiting for this device past few months but now it is going to be happening. That’s intro to the Xaiomi Mi 6x now let’s move to the main topic how to fix Weak Signal Problem in Xiaomi Mi 6x. If you’re facing the same problem then this guide is for you and you are in the right place to fix this weak signal issue.


Steps To Resolve Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

1. Change Your SIM Type:- Check that you are using correct SIM type like if you are using a Micro SIM you can try changing it to a Mini SIM. Xiaomi Mi 6x Supports Mini Sim. When you are using a wrong type of SIM, it may end up in problems such as weak signal strength or lost network issue. Because Sim got distracted from its place.

2. Check Whether The Issue Is With The Network Provider:- This one of the common issues in weak signal strength or Signal lost. Most the time it happens with our network provider. 

How to find that issue is with your Network Provider-

1. First of all, reboot your device and check if the network is back or not.

2. If not then remove your Sim and insert it back. Then check again if the network is back or not.

3. Now still, your network is not there then call your Network Provider customer care and tell you the problem.

 3. Change Network Type Preference: Another way to fix the weak signal strength or data connection issue is to change the network type. You can dial ##13411## from the dial pad of the phone and select the Preferred Network type to GSM only and GSM/WCDMA (auto).

 4. Factory Reset: The final thing you can try to do is giving the phone a factory reset. This will take your phone to a state when it was purchased.

 5. Update your Phone/Flash Stock ROM/ Custom ROM: Even after doing all these methods if it is still failing to fix the weak signal strength issue or data connection issue of Xiaomi Mi 6x. Then try this method. Keep your device up to date with the software. Try to flash the stock ROM again and main and best option to try out the custom ROM, I’m pretty sure that I will help you to get back your signal strength.

Note:- If your device continues with the problem even after this, you should take your device to the nearest Xiaomi Service Centre and they would deal with it and fix it in a better way.

If you are facing these problems regarding this post you can ask us via comment section and we will try answer your question in next 24 hours. 🙂

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