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How to resize Videos with Movavi Video Converter [Guide]

At times you may want to resize one of your videos, either to change its resolution or its aspect ratio so that it is displayed correctly on a particular device or platform. While switching the resolution of videos is generally easy, if you start to alter their aspect ratio you could end up distorting the video.

With that in mind, you should use Movavi Video Converter as a video resizer. Not only will it make it easy for you to make sure your videos are the right size or aspect ratio, but it will also provide you with several options so that you can ensure the video isn’t distorted.

To get started you should just open up Movavi Video Converter and add the video that you want to resize by dragging it into the working area. Next you can select the format you want to use under the ‘Video’ tab near the bottom of the interface.

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When you’re ready to resize your video you can click on the ‘cogwheel’ icon beside the ‘Output format’ field – and Movavi Video Converter will then let you choose between several options.

1. Using Automatic Presets

Within Movavi Video Converter there are several automatic presets that will resize your video without altering the aspect ratio – but each in a different way:

  • Smart fit will attempt to resize your video so that it fits within a particular frame size – by either making it larger or smaller. It may not end up the exact frame size, as it will preserve the aspect ratio while fitting the video into the frame.
  • Up to size is similar to smart fit, only it will only resize videos by making them smaller so that they fit into a frame. If the video is small enough to already fit into the frame, they won’t be altered.
  • Half or quarter of original size will do exactly as it says, and adjust the height and width of the video so that it is half or a quarter of its original resolution.


2. Using Manual Adjustments

If you’d prefer to resize your video to a specific size, you can use the manual adjustments in Movavi Video Converter to do so. When you do however, you’ll have to first select the method:

  • Stretch will stretch or compress the video to fit into the new aspect ratio of the resolution that you specify.
  • Letter box will avoid distorting the video by placing it into an output frame – causing black bars to appear in the excess space.
  • Crop will avoid distorting the video or having black bars by placing a video into an output frame but cutting off any parts that are outside it.
  • Auto is a compromise between stretch and crop, and will distort the video slightly while cropping it slightly as well – to avoid having too big an impact.


Make no mistake, you can also set the resize quality, along with a slew of other parameters using Movavi Video Converter’s other features. All in all it should be clear just how useful a tool it can be if you want to resize your videos in any way.

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