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AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder Without JailBreak

In the market, there are currently many recording programs that use the ‘sideloading’ method but this has a couple of problems starting with the lack of safety and security. After this, the relevant apps expire each week and the experience pales in comparison to what we have for you today. Recently, we tried the iPhone Screen Recorder from AceThinker which record screen iphone using desktop but it also mirrors your phone screen. What’s more, it is completely wireless!

For many, recording the iPhone screen is a necessity these days for gameplays, tutorials, and more. With the mirror option, you suddenly have the big screen of mac and even an opportunity for live presentations. Even if you have no interest in recording, it can be great just to play the handheld games on a larger screen using the phone as a controller. As you can see, your options are limitless so let’s take a look.

Overview – After first loading it up, you should notice how professional the program looks and you will instantly have the ability to mirror or record HD with little effort. Just like AppleTV, choose the ‘AirPlay’ option and you can mirror any iPhone device assuming that you have a modern iOS. With safety and quality ensured, it may surprise you to hear that it costs just $29.95. For the price, the security alone makes it a worthwhile purchase.


  • Using airPlay, you can mirror your screen in HD without worrying about lag.
  • Video can be saved in a variety of formats once the recording is finished.
  • With a single click, the recording will begin in HD and with sound.
  • Finally, you can share or publish in a few seconds.


  • Enjoy gaming on a much larger screen
  • Record all FaceTime or Skype sessions
  • Review an application or game and upload to YouTube
  • Create tutorials for YouTube
  • Record Instagram or even Snapchat stories

Ultimately, you can have endless fun with the program because there are so many uses. Once you have iPhone Screen Recorder, your mobile device becomes a hub for opportunity.

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