Android has a dreadful part of Games, and every month new ones are discharged. Knowing which ones are any great can be Hard. So we’ve arranged a List of the best Games that we’ve been playing



We need to make an affirmation this month – Golf Clash is still completely addictive and taking up to an extreme degree a lot of our time. By the by, we’ve made recently enough room in our timetables to chase out some new diversions for you to download this month. Among the new sections, we have a material science based drawing diversion and a drift racer that’ll make you think back about Wipeout on the first PlayStation.

Rolling Snail

Rolling Snail resembles a basic drawing riddle diversion, and it is – yet that doesn’t really mean it’s simple. Your point is straightforward; ensure the snail gathers a couple stars and a bizarre looking entry box thing on each level. In any case, to do this there are just a couple of things available to you that you can utilize.

Most basically, you can draw a line on the screen that the snail will then move along. This is the embodiment of the diversion. You can likewise draw a stone shape so you can drop it on the snail and push it in whichever heading you require. Thirdly, you can likewise evacuate lines that you’ve drawn, or sliced through them, to adjust the direction of your snail. That is about it.

Rolling snail

More fun, and harder, than it looks

It’ll likely take you a couple tries to get your head around the general approach required for the initial few levels however you’ll rapidly get into the swing of how to begin considering making it to the entrance on each level. There are “mixtures” and other catalysts you’ll have the capacity to gather as you advance, yet they’re not by any means essential and all happen unexpectedly as you gather coins and jewels as you advance.

PRICE Free (in-app purchases available)
SIZE Around 74 MB
ANDROID REQUIREMENT Android 4.1 and above


RivalGears Racing

RivalGears is a turn on a dashing amusement that will bring back some mid 90s wistfulness for any individual who recollects Wipeout, and anybody that doesn’t will simply appreciate a high-vitality float hustling diversion. Driving is direct – simply utilize the bolts to switch to another lane, and tap the lift catch when it shows up.

There’s nothing progressive in the update systems and customization choices, yet there are sufficient diverse every day challenges, association occasions, one-off difficulties and other amusement modes to keep you occupied for a long while. Hustling consumes fuel however, and you recover that either by holding up or exchanging a few precious stones.


RivalGears has various race choices on offer.

You can purchase distinctive autos as well (obviously) and it’s totally conceivable to continue redesigning and altering them while never paying any genuine trade through an out amusement buy. Every auto segment basically has three distinct levels of overhaul, with each of those levels being separated into five sections. When you have the five, you can redesign that segment level – and in case you’re feeling the loss of any of the parts required for an overhaul, you can purchase whatever you require with your race winings or precious stones.

With heaps of various amusement choices – all web based hustling against other genuine individuals – and granular overhauls, it’s one racer that could keep you occupied for a long time.

PRICE Free (in-app purchases available)
SIZE Around 236 MB
ANDROID REQUIREMENT Android 4.0.3 and above


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