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How To Enable Miracast on Moto Z Play

HOW TO ENABLE MIRACAST ON MOTO Z PLAY.This methodology of empowering Miracast on Moto Z Play has been attempted and tried by the engineers and different clients also. Comprehend the dangers required in taking after this method and assuming full liability of the gadget, take after the means. The methodology underneath has been precisely portrayed and the clients are relied upon to tail it with same precision. The technique requires establishing of the gadget so that your gadget will be established sooner or later of time while taking after the system. Remember that establishing a gadget discredits its guarantee.

Extremely Special because of Senior XDA part dedraks for sharing this technique to securely Enable Miracast on Moto Z Play.This is truly exceptionally basic and easy.It should be possible by altering a line in your build.prop.But in the first place, you need to recognize What is a build.prop File (for the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea)?A system record containing settings and construct properties of your gadget is a build.prop document. The settings are particular to the particular gadget’s maker or it might change as per your Android variant. Yet, some of them are same to all Android renditions.

Gammerson.com is not responsible for any damage happened to your device(s) while following this guide, Proceed at your own risk.


  • The Motorola Moto Z more likely than not been established before starting this procedure.
  • A go down of the build.prop document probably been made in the event that you experience a few blunders or alter certain essential records, erroneously.



  • Any File Explorer must be downloaded from Google Play Store. For example, ES File, File Explorer and so forth.  if not follow the link-Download
  • Open ES File Explorer and go to Settings.
  • Look down in the settings menu and select “Root Explorer”. At the point when Superuser flies up, snap “allow”.
  • Then, check “Mount File System” and then go back to the Home page of the application.
  • Go on To menu again and tap on Device under Local.
  • It will open the foundation of theDevice. When it opens tap “system”.
  • Find “build.prop” document in the system and tap on it.
  • Making use of ES Note Editor, open it.
  • Find the down written in build.prop
  • persist.debug.wfd.enable=0
  • Then, Make it to the down written
  • persist.debug.wfd.enable=1
  • At last, reboot your gadget.

That is it! Congrats, this is the manner by which you effectively empower Miracast on Moto Z Play. All the best! If you have any queries you can use comment box to let me know.

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