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[Fixed] “Unfortunately app has stopped” on Nougat android N 7.0

app crash on android nougat 7.0.psd

Facing random app crashes on Android Nougat 7.0 after the update ?.We all love to update our device to latest Android OS whether it is android nougat 7.0 , Cm14 , Cm13or Android marshmallow until everything goes right.Many times we faced an annoying problem like random app crash, random reboots, etc.app crash on android nougat 7.0.psd

Many user who are using android nougat 7.0 are getting weird error message like below: “Unfortunately app has Stopped” for different apps: WhatsApp, Google Photos , Facebook , Messenger , True Caller, Contacts , Hangouts , Google Play Music.If you are facing the similar type of problem on your Android nougat 7.0 device then you some follow some of the following solutions that may help you.

Why are you facing “Unfortunately app has stopped” error?

Let’s get to the cause of this problem how and why this issue occurs there can be many reasons for this problem.

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1.Due to Outdated Apps

The first reason of this issue is outdated apps. If you are using an old version of that app that is crashing on your device, then you should update that app from play store.This step might fix the problem on the go.In 80% cases, this step will solve the issue of app crashing problem on Android nougat 7.0.If it is still not solved, follow other measures.

2.No support for Nougat by developer of that App

If you are already on the latest version of that app, and no update is there on play store, It might be possible there is not update for Android nougat for that app by the developer of that app yet.So for that, you have to wait for an update or find any other alternative to that app.

3.Try to Re-Install the app

If you were facing the problem even after the update, I suggest you first to uninstall the app from your device and also deleted the left over files and folder from the internal memory/android/data/ you app name folder and then reinstall the app from the play store.

4.Reset your device

If your problem still exists, then the last thing that you can try is resetting your device aka factory reset your device.This will erase all the old files and folder of that app as the result it may fix crashing problems.

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Note that What works for one may not work for all due to the device architecture.Its not solely a particular phone issue, nor a specific app problem. IMHO, don’t do a factory reset unless it’s necessary.And as always you find any other solution other than above feel free to share below in comment section

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