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How to find open Tournaments in Clash Royale [Trick !]

trick to find open tournament on clash royale

Trick to find open tournament on clash royale game.Clash Royale today released a mega update with Tournament and many other major updates in it.In this Clash royale, 1.4.0 apk 4 July update lots of new features including new cards new arena and whole new tournament update you can win Tournament.

trick to find open tournament on clash royale

Why join Tournaments ? You can win lots of cards and gold in Tournaments battle for that you have to join the open Tournament .

You can download Clash Royale 1.4.0 apk from here direct link.If you played the new clash Royale, you might know the pain of finding open tournaments almost all the Tournaments are full and if you find one with few members but they are password protected after seeing this only one word on our lips is Sh*t :p why you do this supercell.

And also for creating tournament you have to spend loads of gems what the heck !.So how to find open tournaments on clash royale or how to find open tournament easily there are two ways to do that one is joining the password protected one but for that, you need to know the password of that tournament that we don’t know so we have to follow another method.

How to find and join open tournament easily 

The trick behind this is to search for weird names in the top search box of tournament section and yes it worked for me as well.When I open the new clash Royale the first time and struggling for joining open Tournaments, and then I search for this keyword “Let me in” in search box  luckily i get few open tournaments in my search result so yeah this method works .

trick to find open tournament on clash royale

So what you have to do is enter wired name in the search box because no one will search for those name and the chances of getting open tournament are higher as compared to common name searches like Clash royale,open, Hackers, free join, royalers ,warriors etc.

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Update:If you want to join password protected tournaments then you can try hit and trial method and try to enter common passwords like 123, clash, hack,123456789 etc some times it works and it also works for me once.

So now you know the trick.try this out and do let me know you got the open tournament or not !

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