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Pokemon Go: Player Discovers Dead Body instead of Pokemon

While Playing Pokemon Go girl discovers a dead body in the river while searching for the pokemon.The new augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go that everyone apart from me seems to be playing this game.

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People are going crazy all over the inter for this new game and doing some wired this some are doing accidents on roads ,suing Pokemon go company for their injuries, and someone try to play pokemon without moving themselves.

Here is a case of a 19-year-old woman who discovered a dead body floating in a river while playing pokemon GO.

On Friday morning (8th July), Shayla Wiggins of Riverton, Wyoming, was roaming her town while playing Pokémon Go on her mobile phone.

found dead body while playing pokemon go
Shayla Wiggins

“The Pokémons are all over Riverton,” Wiggins told County 10 “I was trying to get a Pokémon from a natural water resource.”

In order to search for her Pokémon, Wiggins scaled a fence to get closer to Wind River.

“I was walking towards the bridge along the shore when I saw something in the water,” Wiggins explained. “I had to take a second look and I realized it was a body.”

“It was pretty shocking,” she added. “I didn’t really know what to do at first. But I called 911 right away and they came really quickly. I was pretty scared and cried for a while.”

Wiggins found the body of an average-sized male, about three feet from the river bank. The local police force has not released any details regarding the identity of the body and is still investigating the incident.

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