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Can’t find Pokemon in Pokemon Go? See here how to find !


Can’t find single Pokemon on Pokemon Go Game ?.Are you tired of finding Pokemon evern after walking miles and kilometers and still you can’t find a single pokemon?Here is a full guide for those who can’t find a single pokemon on pokemon go.Pokemon of is a totally new game with augmented reality.I suggest you to follow below guide and tell us how much it is helpful to you.I m must say this game is not for lazy peoples.

For this all you need is patience and pokemon go game installed in your device of course.If you face Failed to detect location Pokemon go on Android then you can follow this guide to solve it.

#How to find Pokemon in Pokemon Go easily.

1.Open you Pokemon go app on your device.

2.You will see a screen like below now focus on the first screen shot of the below image.



3.You will see a white bar in the bottom right corner with some step marks on it tap on it.

4.Now you will see a white window in which it shows all the nearby Pokemon distance with different steps signs.

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  • 3 step sign means that pokemon is very far from you.
  • 2 step sign means it little bit far from you.
  • 1 step sign means it is near you approx 20-30 meters.
  • and no step means the pokemon must be around you.

So this is the key point for finding pokemon in pokemon go.When ever you move around keep an eye on the nearby window and check for the nearest pokemon and keep moving if the step of the nearest pokemon increases it means you are going in wrong direction.

Just turn around and move in other direction untill the steps keeps on decreasing.

So thats how you can find pokemon in pokemon go easily.Do Let us know how helpful is this guide is.

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