moto g4 plus 2016 bootlogo

Moto G4 and Moto G4 plus 2016 is just released with lots of new improvements from previous moto devices (moto G2, Moto G3,).The Camera app ,Time weather widget aka Command Center and Bootlogo of Moto g 4th gen 2016 is totally different.Now you can also install Moto G 4 2016 Camera apk app,Weather widget and Bootlogo in other Lenovo moto Devices like moto e,Moto G, Moto X play.These will only work on Marshmallow device it will not work on lollipop or kitkate running devices.

Thanks to XDA dev Alberto97,for porting time weather widget for other moto devices.You can download moto G4 camera Apk from below link.You can install is normally for download flashable zip and flash it from custom recovery.

#Download Moto G4 Plus camera apk [updated]

motog4 camera apk

1.Download Moto G4 camera apk [Updated ][new cam]

#How to install Moto G4 plus Camera

1.Download the apk file from above link.

2.Now disable the old camera app.

3.Then install this new camera app works on all moto device running on marshmallow.

#Download Moto G4 time and Weather widget

moto g4 plus time and weather widget

1.Download Time Widget aka  Control Center apk

2.Download Time Widget aka  Control Center apk [Flashable zip]

moto g4 plus 2016 bootlogo

1.Download Moto g4 2016 Bootlogo Flashable zip.


  1. How do I go back to stock camera? I tried this and it worked fine but decided I would go back to stock. So I unfroze stock app, uninstalled G4 camera, reboot and now when I open stock camera it crashes on launch.

  2. I am using the flashable zip of the widget on my moto e2 3g running CyanogenMod 13. The widget is not showing hours and both hours and minutes sometimes. I tried uninstalling apk and reinstalling and reboots, didn’t work so flasged zip. But still same prob. I tried reflashing ROM and clearing dalvik cache and cache and all other ways. But anything didn’t work. So am posting here. Please help me…..

  3. Hi, app now works as a standalone app install on non rooted stock moto X Play and thank you for that. Can you tell me what you needed to do to to fix this. And also is this APK made from the latest and updated version of the app ?

  4. So I installed the Time/Weather App on my stock/unmodded/unrooted Moto X Pure and the alignment of the numbers are off. They’re all too high. The temp and date are above their respective circles and the time sits high within the large circle. I’m assuming the higher resolution of the Moto X Pure might be the cause of this. Please fix, thanks!!!

  5. hey, thanks for the camera app.
    Can u also port the new moto display and the other moto apps from the g4 series and the z series.
    The updates to these apps isn’t being provided but motorola, and these apps are really great, especially the moto display app with the new fonts. If not all then just get the moto display app.
    Thanks in advance!!


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