[APK] Download Clash of Clans 8.116.2 apk with Star Bonus,The Treasury and Loot Cart

of clans just released the latest Update which includes increment
in loot  bonus and many other cool new feature you can download clash of
clans v 8.116.2 .apk for android
from the direct link below.In this latest
coc update there three biggest update are  Star Bonus,The Treasury and
Loot Cart.:


1.Star Bonus:You will get daily loot bonus once you get 5 star in multiplayer battles matches daily.That is just awesome.
2.The Treasury :Treasury is
the safest place in your village to safegaurd you star bonus and war
loot and only little percentage can be stolen from it by attackers.
3.Loot Cart:The
last big update is Loot cart in then after your village has been
attacked, a percentage of the stolen resources will be added to a Loot
Cart in your Village. Once you collect the resources from the Loot Cart,
these will be transferred to your Treasury for safeguarding.



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