Update Moto G 3rd gen XT1540 To Marshmallow Official OTA Download

Few day back motorola released official marshmallow 6.0 for moto g 3rd gen and Moto G Turbo user who are running on android lollipop.Many of then not got official Marshmallow 6.0 OTA update in there Moto G3 XT150.If you got the update Then its good and
if you didn’t got it yet then it’s very good because you can manually
update your Moto g3rd gen  to official Marshmallow 6.0
by downloading the official marshmallow 6.0  OTA.


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This device is also in the list of
official Motorola Devices getting android marshmallow 6.0.So lest start
the guide on How to install Official Marshmallow 6.0 OTA file.For US Unlocked Retail XT1540 1Gb
File size:583MB

#Download Official Marshmallow 6.0 OTA zip file for Moto G 3rd gen

Save the downloaded file to Root of SD Card and follow instructions :

►Method of installing OTA

1.Save the downloaded file to Root of SD Card [External Memory Card
and not Internal Memory] 

2.Now Restart your device once.

3.After restarting  go to Settings –> About Phone –>
System Updates. 

4.Update will be auto recognized and user will be prompted
to apply update. In case update is not recognized and do not get any
update prompt,Try to restart the device again.


1.Download OTA for US Unlocked Retail XT1540 2Gb
  ►Download OTA Zip

2.Download OTA for  US Unlocked Retail XT1540 1Gb



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