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Why must you kik : 4 reasons kik is better than any other app

KIK is fabulous; the IM app has all you will ever need to chat with friends. Easy chatting, group messaging, easy and safe connectivity are all there ready for use.

Kik messenger is a pathbreaking app that has been around for quite a while now. The craze refuses to die even after more than 5 years of its launch.

kik-for-pcDid You know: KIK was developed by the University of Waterloo in Canada in 2009. The app made it to the market in October next year, and propelled by Twitter campaigns, it had 1 million users in just a month

KIK is the essential app for every teenager’s smartphone. The app has arguably the largest community, something that even WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger haven’t been able to dent significantly. Wondering why?

What’s so amazing about KIK?

It is largely because of the features and the innovation that goes into perfecting each of them. Kik’s features have something unique about them. And this is what makes the app an altogether different experience.

Let’s see 4 such features, which are the reasons which make kik a whole new deal:

  1. Security features in Kik put you in control
    In other ordinary apps, anyone who has your phone number has access to your details. Despite the amount of control, there is only so much you can do to keep out people you don’t like. Kik is different though. Your phone number is in no way connected with your Kik profile. So whoever might have your number; they will not be able to get in touch with you without your username. You need to add people back to be able to chat, so no inappropriate chats can come in if you’re unwilling. Also, no inappropriate calls from people who got your number off of group chats. Cool, isn’t it?
  2. More ways to express yourself than text and emoji.
    Ordinarily you chat using text and embellish it with emojis and emoticons. You might even send some pictures you have downloaded or videos. But sometimes the effort of looking for images and videos and downloading them can be too much. Or scrolling through multiple screens of emojis to find the perfect one. Kik takes care of that. Text recognition technology will detect what you’re talkign about and bring up a GIF suggestion or a picture suggestion that you can easily send to your friend without downloading it on your own phone first! For example, if you’re talking about the TV show Supernatural, you’ll get a host of pics and GIFS from the show you can send to your friends in a second.
  3. Single step process to click pics and record videos.
    Out of the many IM apps i have used, all of them require you to record a video using a different option than clicking pics. And I find it especially irritating when I have to fiddle with a lot of buttons to do one simple job. I mean why does one need different options to use the camera, am i right? Kik gets it though. No need to be on your toes switching between different interfaces to record videos and click pics. Just like with Snapchat, you can long press the button to record videos, while a normal tap clicks pics.pretty convenient i say. Plus the camera doesn’t make you exit from the chat, unless you really want to access it in fullscreen mode.
  4. Socialisation within safe parameters is wonderful.
  5. Most apps require you to share your number details if you want to be a member of a group.This makes them a lot unsafe. Your phone number could end up with unscrupulous people and lead you to harm. But with Kik, your groups don’t reveal your vital contact information. This means your phone number is totally in your control. Only you decide who can contact you in private chats and who gets your phone number. Pretty decent i think.

Kik has been setting standards for other apps of the genre to match up to. And no app succeeds to match all of them. This is what Makes Kik one of a kind.

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