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Turn Off Knock Knock on Google Duo easily [Steps]


Google Duo is a free video calling app by Google which offers many different features in which one of them is Knock Knock.If you a using Google Duo then you might know what it does and if you are new to Google Duo then let me explain to you what does Google duo’s Knock Knock do.

Knock knock feature lets you see who is calling.See the caller’s video ever before you answer.And let the people you call see you video while the phone is ringing.Isn’t cool 😛 but sometimes it does not :p.If you don’t want this feature, then you can Turn on Knock Knock feature on Google Duo quickly.


Just follow below steps which are very simple to do.There is inbuilt option to turn off knock knock in Google Duo.

#How to Turn Off Knock Knock on Google Duo

  1. Open Duo app in your mobile.
  2. In the top right corner, tap on three dots to see More options
  3. Now open settings option from it.
  4. Switch Knock Knock to off.
  5. Or tap again to turn On.

This is how you can turn Off/On Knock Knock feature on Google Duo.

#Can’t see video preview for incoming call

If you can’t see a video preview when a contact calls you and you have Knock Knock turned on, the other caller has Knock Knock turned off, or they’re not in your contacts.

Note: If you’re on an iPhone, you’ll need to see the video preview through the call notification. When you get the notification for an incoming call:

  • If your phone is locked: Swipe left on the notification and tap Preview.
  • If your phone is unlocked: Swipe down on the notification and tap Preview.

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