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Reduce More Than 50% File Size From A Movie Without Losing 0% Video Quality

This guide is all about how to compress movie or video without loosing its quality upto 50%. What is your favorite video format? My favorite format is MKV (Matroska) format. I think yours is same. Because, generally the file size of a mkv format movie is 300mb – 500mb. But it’s video quality is like a HD movie. That’s why, personally I like to collect mkv format movies in my PC. And at present, I convert all of my non mkv format movies to mkv format. It helps me to safe my hard disk space.
Here I will tell you how to reduce more than 50% file size from a movie without losing 0% video quality. Shocked?

You can do this by using Handbrake. It’s a very useful MKV converter.

The Features of Handbrake:
  • You can convert any video format to mkv format.
  • It can reduce video file size without losing video quality.
  • Using Handbrake you can permanently add a subtitle file (.srt) to a movie. (Look at the Subtitles tab)
  • You can define the file size of a movie. That means, you can convert a movie to your defined size like 300mb, 500mb, 700mb etc. (Look at the Video tab)
  • You can define the Avg Bitrate (kbps) of a movie like 720, 1080 etc. (Look at the Video tab)
  • May be it’s the best mkv converter of the world.
  • Above all, It’s a free software. So, you don’t need to pay for this software.
How To Use Handbrake:
  • At first, download Handbrake from here.
  • Then install it.
  • Then run it. (you will see like this image)
  • Click Source to choose a video file or movie.
  • Then click Browse to select a destination folder where the converted video or movie will be saved. After locating the place you have to type a name what you want to give for the converted movie.
  • Then click Container: button to choose MKV File.
  • If you want to add a subtitle file that means .srt file you have to go Subtitles tab. Then you will see like the following.
  •  Now click Impost SRT button to select the .srt file. But, don’t you have the .srt file of your desired movie?
  • Whatever, If you have selected the .srt file for the desired movie then you should click Add button.
  • Now look at the top. You will see a Start button there. Just click this button.
  • Converting process will be started. Wait for a few minutes. After completing just check the destination folder. You will find the converted MKV file.
  • Then watch the converted movie. No difference in video quality but a great difference  in video file size is noticeable between the pre converted movie and the converted movie. So Enjoy !

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