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[APK] Download Send App : Microsoft’s Email Messaging Client For Android [Beta]

Download-send-email-app-by-microsoft-for-android-apk Today Microsoft release its 4rd android app called “SEND” for android devices on google play store you can download it from the link given below.So you are thinking what basically send app do? So, Send app is email messaging app which cuts out all the crap and make it as simple as a simple android messaging through which you send message using your mobile carrier sim card.
It support from android 4.2+ i.e jelly bean, Kitkat, Lollipop and the upcoming marshmallow too.

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#Now the question is what are the things that are cut down in SEND email client ?

When ever you send email to any person from our Gmail, yahoo or any other email client account there are crappy thing included in the mail that is the format of the email that includes Subject, Senders Email address,your email address,designation,salutation etc…etc… 


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It simply removes all the header/subject/signature info and let you see the body of the message only.that is just similar to your tradition messaging app just on the go.As the emails are
still in your mailbox in their original format. Basically, it’s a really
clever use of regex parsing to get just the content of the email and make it easier to use.

►So How it works?
Send, a Microsoft Garage project, is in-and-out email.
Just sign in
with the work or school account you already use to access Office 365,
and you’re ready, set, go.

You see only the messages started in Send—not your entire email
inbox.You can message anyone with an
email address. No additional sign up steps and the people you message
can respond from anywhere, even if they don’t have the app.

You can also  respond from your computer, when you are from you device I know that is not possible at all 😀

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#Download Send email client app from below links.

1.Download Send beta.apk [Direct Link]
2.Download Send beta.apk [Play store] 

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