How to Record 4k videos on Samsung Note 5 More than 5 Minutes [Root required]

This is a big problem in Samsung Galaxy Note 5 That you can’t Record Ultra HD 4K recording more Than 5 min on 23 Mp Camera.Even If your Device Storage is not Not Full,TO solve this problem you must having a Rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 5 if Note yet Rooted than you can follow these steps on How to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Easily.


You can’t enable Unlimited 4K video recording Without root.Thank to XDA dev kevinrocksman for making this possible on steroids.He made a Modded Samsung Camera Apk for Note 5 with can record 4K videos until you device Memory is full :D.So Now you can capture your moments in 4k resolution beyond the limit provided by Samsung.So follow below steps to remove the Limit Of 5 Min 4k video recording in Samsung galaxy Note 5.

►How to Record 4k Videos for Unlimited time on Note 5

  1. Download modded Samsung Note 5 camera from HERE. and Extract it in you device.
  2. Make sure that you have Root Access.
  3. Now download ES file Explorer From Play store .
  4.  Now open Es file Explorer and navigate to “system/apps/SamsungCamera4/”.
  5. Now copy all the file of that folder and place it some where else as a backup and then delete all the files from that folder.
  6. Now paste the Modded Samsung Camera.apk in that folder system/apps/SamsungCamera4/.To paste in it
    set permissions to rw-r-r for the esfile explorer
  7.  Now Reboot your device.
  8.  After reboot check that the camera app is working or not is working then Look for KRM option in Camera to the top of the record button.
  9. If you see KRM then you have installed the mod successfully .
  10. Now Enjoys! unlimited 4K Recording in your Note 5 without ant time limit.  

If the camera fails to open and showing camera Stopped Working the Copy all the backup file that you taken in step 5  

to system/apps/SamsungCamera4/ and restart your can also try it in Samsung Note 3,Note 4 etc. 


  1. Dude this is wrong. The author didn't say that it will record unlimited 4k video. He said he rerecorded 35 minutes but that the limit could be up to 1 hour. He asked that if anyone using the mod reached that limit to let him know. The mod is very good. I haven't reached the hour because I hvent recorded for that long on my camera. But so far, the mod works good.

  2. Also, you changed the read/write setting on the 'xml' file if you install V2 of the mod not the Sprint V4 or the other mod versions. Here are the instructions:

    Now the time has come after 3 years of fighting with the camera on the note 2, note 3 and note 4 trying to make it have unlimited recording limits (until space is full) is now POSSIBLE!

    I have spent the last couple hours digging through and pinpointing the 1 thing that cuts off the 4k recording at 5 minutes and you are now able to record up to 1 hour in 4K. I may try to push it more later but this is a good start.

    1. Download the zip and extract the apk SamsungCamera4.apk
    2. Download es file explorer and browse to system/apps/SamsungCamera4/
    3. Make a backup of everything in that folder then delete everything in the folder
    4. Copy over the SamsungCamera4.apk that you downloaded to system/apps/SamsungCamera4/
    4a. (In V2) copy the media_profiles.xml to /system/etc and overwrite
    5. set permissions to rw-r-r on the file
    6. Reboot your phone
    7. Once rebooted check to see if your camera works, once up look for KRM in the Camera icon to the top of the record button
    8. If you see KRM then you have installed the mod successfully

    If you have any questions please ask. I have recorded up to 35 minutes so far but ran out of space so please let me know if you can fully record to 1 hour. While this mod does unlock the full recording limits of 4k samsung has generously unlocked it already for 1920×1080 and below. That being said please do not use this mod for any illegal activity,

    Also it will split each 4GB file into separate pieces- usually around 8 minutes-9 minutes


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