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[Tool] Root Yu yureka and Yuphoria Without Unlocking Bootloader


I had been searching on Google to root via stock recovery, and i had
made a zip which can be flashed through stock recovery but it was failed
due to it was not signed using official key (which is not possible to

So Here i a tool (bat file) which can be used to yureka and
yuphoria to root without unlocking bootloader and without any custom

Now you can root your Micromax yu Yureka and Yu yuphoria without unlocking bootloader easily with this tool.Just follow below steps to root yureka and yuphoria.

Basically it uses adb push to device for root.

#How to Root Yu Yureka and Yuphoria without unlocking Bootloader.

So here are the steps !

  1. Download the zip file ‘Root without UBL.zip’ Here(Which is not flashable).
  2. Extract it.
  3. You will get two folders ‘META INF’ and ‘Root without UBL’. (Optional : You can delete META INF which is a signature)
  4. Now go to ‘Root without UBL’ folder and Run ‘Root.bat’ file
  5. Follow the instructions that’s it YOU HAVE ROOTED :D


  • Chainfire for SuperSu
  • Google for helping me to search
  • At last me for making this dream come true :)

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