How to Enable Fast Charging in Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Today I will tell You how To activate Fast charging  in your Samsung galaxy Note 5.After getting your Galaxy Note 5 you may be wondering How to to Activated Fast Charging features in it that
your mobile can be charged With in an Hour Is’t it interesting.You can also check the cost of replacement of Screen and battery of Samsung galaxy S6 and S6 edge here.As we all know that without rapid or fast charging Android Mobile takes at least 3 Hours to get full charged from 0 to 100%.

If you are facing problems like Adaptive fast charging not working on note 5 or Frequent disconnection then try the below steps to solve this problem.

See also:How to Record 4k videos on Samsung Note 5 More than 5 Minutes [Root required]You can fast charge your device via adaptive fast charging which can charge your device about 50% in approx 30 minuted.Do make sure to check that you have adaptive fast charge or not.

# Steps to get Rapid Charging in Galaxy Note 5:


1.Plug the USB connector of the supplied USB charger into your device charging port carefully.

2.Now plug the wall charger into an electrical outlet. It may be necessary
to connect the USB cable to the charging head before you can plug it
into an electrical outlet

3.To ensure your device is fast charging, open the Notification Panel
by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom and look for the Fast charging notification. A Fast charging message will also display when your device is turned off during fast charging.
Note: If the notification shows Cable charging, instead of Fast charging,
the device is not using an Adaptive Fast Charging wall charger. Use the
charging head that was included in the box with your device.

#How to Identify Your Adaptive Fast Charger


You can charge your device using any Samsung approved
charger, but it will charge much more quickly using the Adaptive Fast
Charger supplied with your device.

You can identify the Adaptive Fast Charger by the following attributes:


1.The front of the charger displays Adaptive Fast Charging.

2.The back of the charger also displays Adaptive Fast Charging.

#Some other Methods Suggested by Our Readers!

1.Try reconnecting the USB cable to the adapter while the adapter is connected to a power source, it might work.

2. Buy a new cable it works for some users.As sif you loose any of the 5 gold pins inside the charger cable you may not get fast charging always. so try using a new cable on the same charger



  1. I do not have that option in my settings. I went to SETTINGS, BATTERY, but do not see anything in regards to RAPID CHARGING option.
    I've changed cables and even charger adapters but to no avail. It's charging massively slowly. :-

  2. Hi
    I,ve been using my note 5 for 3 weeks now and rapid charge with inbox cable has been working well until now that my friend was using it with galaxy s3 and told me that it is not fast charging any more . I used it and yes it is not even even working normal .
    while plugged cable charging notification says 2 hr and 50 min left and clean master notification says 1.30 as usual but the % moves each 4 minutes.

  3. I had the same problem as Erfan Tm. Do not let others use your fast charger because just as I suspected, my co-workers phone must've done something to mine, which causes it to not charge my phone rapidly anymore. Unless they also have a Note 5, tell anyone who asks to use it, "No".

  4. I had the same problem and Samsung wanted me to send in my Note 5. I've had it less than a week. Today it stopped fast charging so I googled and it brought me here! I took the suggestions and just switched out the cord. Works now.

  5. Try reconnecting the USB cable to the adapter while the adapter is connected to a power source, it might work.
    I had similar issues and troubleshooted it by this way.

  6. The REAL reason why the fast charging may not always work is because your charger may be missing one of the gold threads inside the end of your charger. Take a closer look at it—I believe it should have 5 gold threads….if your are missing one or if one of them is loose, that's your culprit. You will need to buy another charger.

  7. I bought my Note 5 in January 2016. At first fast charging was working fine. It started charging slow last month. I never noticed the Cable charging and Fast charging difference in Notifications. I googled and landed here…after looking through the solutions, I tried a new cable with the same adaptive charger and it works fine…Just get a stronger USB and connect with the adaptive charger and you are fine. I also remembered that the cable of my Note 3 became somewhat ineffective as time went on.

  8. I also facing prob in fast charging of my galxy note 5…my phn never showed fast charging simply at first time…after plugging&unplugging for 20 times it shows&sometimes that also also nt happened..then i hv to restart my phn…then i hv to plug&unplug 4,5 time&it shows fast charging…..i also tried different charger (original one)bt the prob is here…so tell me how to fix it…thanku

  9. Has anyone had a problem with your battery frying your phone because it over charged your phone? Got as hot as hell and was still showing that it was charging even after I pulled the charger out. Had to have my phone replaced. Don't want to go through that hassle again and I was wondering is it OK to charge my phone on slow charge with the fast charge that came with it?

  10. Same problem here. Two chargers (the one that came with the Note5 in Dec and a newly purchased one.) I have to plug/unplug into the phone and electrical outlet numerous times to get either to fast charge and sometimes that still does not work. Sometimes it takes 10-13 hours to fully charge. (This is sickening!!!!!)

  11. I have seen some people saying on youtube that if you loose any of the 5 gold pins inside the charger cable you may not get fast charging always. so try using a new cable on the same charger, i got problem solved. 🙂

  12. I had the same problem
    The reason is when i checked my usb cable charging jack one golden pin is missing
    I simple used another cable of my huawei phone and the fast charging started immediately

    Use your charger of note 5 only for note 5 charging

    • Happened to me also. My husband use to borrow my charger for his note 2. After several weeks i noticed fast charging doesn’t work unless i reconnect the cable.

  13. I am using my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and it use to get fast charge.But it in between it stopped fast charge and always showing as cable change and taking very long time to charge.

    Today I followed the suggestion posted by Abhay like “Try reconnecting the USB cable to the adapter while the adapter is connected to a power source, it might work.” and it is working now. It is fast charging again.

    What I figured out is, If you use the charging cable to charge your Note 5 with Laptop/any other USB port instead of adapter and then you connect to adapter back when you before to charge, this problem is occurring. And also, if you charge your phone with non-adaptive fast charge for once and try to charge next time with adaptive fast charger, it won’t fast charge and shows as cable charge.
    So, Try reconnecting the USB cable to the adapter while the adapter is connected to a power source. It works.

  14. I’ve found out that when I use an alternate cable, the fast charging does not work. But when I use the adaptive charger that was supplied with the phone, it automatically fast charges every time. For whatever reason the non- adaptive charger will not fast charge the Note 5.

  15. I’ve been troubleshooting everything for weeks now and the minute I looked at my cable to see how many pins it had, I found only four pins. Immediately bought another cable with a better connector that was slightly different than the cable that was provided with purchase and I got the solution instantly. Yes some of the things mentioned as possible fixes listed in the comments here do sometimes work but I can almost guarantee it will not SOLVE the issue. In my case, it was definitely a damaged pin on the connector. The new cable I purchased actually has a smaller opening around the pins (appears to be more secure for the pins to prevent damage) and seems to fit more snug and is easier to fit in the port on my Galaxy Note5. Apparently Samsung is slipping a tad bit on the cabling. Unless the issue persists, I am going to say that is a minor issue and would still be a dedicated Samsung consumer!

  16. I thought the same thing regarding my slow charging. I even erased my phone but with two of my cords one of the five teeth was missing. I swapped out charges and no issues… I was having a stress attack. Swap out the cord and you will be amazed!!!


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