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10 ways to Increse battery backup of android phone

Hello everybody ,today i came with a new trick which everyone wants to know .Many peoples  are suffering from low battery backup of there mobiles(android/ios) and try to find the ways to increase the battery backup  of there mobile so today i will tell you how to increase battery backup of you mobile.Just follow these steps.

 There are many factors which is responsible for lowering the battery backup of your mobile if you overcome these problems by following  these ways.


1.Observe your battery consumption Apps –  

Navigate to setting >>battery and observe which app is consuming more battery then force stop them.

2. Turn off unnecessary hardware

   Try to turn off radio,Wifi and Bluetooth when not in use they are the main culprit of sucking you    battery backup .


3.Always charge you mobile up to 100% 

     Try to charge you mobile upto 100% and use till  0% it will boost your battery backup ans you can use your mobile for longer time.

4.Set  brightness  to auto

   Set brightness to a auto or you can set it according to your need but auto mode  is recommended as screen is the main part of the phone which uses the battery max.

5.Use battery saver mode

You should you battery saver mode of you mobile to increase battery backup .As it automatically closes all the unwanted applications of your mobile to save battery.

6. Don’t use live wallpapers

 Don’t use live wallpaper on you mobile as it consume lots of  battery of you mobile so it is recommended to use simple wallpapers.

7.Don’t use you mobile while charging

 Don’t use you mobile when it is charging as when you use it when it is charging then there will be lots of pressure on the battery as it continuously charging and on the other hand is is continuously discharging.and it will affect you battery backup most.

8.Use appropriate charger

  Use charger of the same company of which you are using the phone . If you charge you mobile with other charger it may charge it fast but if will affect you battery life and also damage the internal circuit of the mobile.

9.Don’t over charge you mobile

  Many people doing it wrong that while going to sleep they put there mobile for charging and  forget to remove the charger and the mobile overcharged which damage the battery as the battery charge longer than  8 hours. you should charge you mobile not more than 5 hours.

10.Remove unwanted apps

Remove unwanted apps as it runs in the background and uses lots of battery.

So her the the few tips to increase battery life of the mobile just follow these steps and comment the results


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