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[Must See]Post your Facebook status Via anything

Hello my dear visitors today i came with new trick related to Facebook
post many peoples want to post on Facebook via blackberry, via iPhone
5,via Samsung galaxy SVI and many more other interesting via’s.It is
very simple to post via these devices on facebook ,there are various
sites from which you can do this.

This trick is 100% working for me and also for you.and
once you update you status using this trick i surely bet you wall will
be flooded with your friends comments just like as below.


 Just follow This link


 Use the below mentioned links to update your FB Status

   1. Via iPhone 5

   2. Via iOS

   3. Via Blackberry

   4. Via iPad Mini

   5.  Via iPad 2

   6. Via Akash Tablet

   7. via Samsung Galaxy SIII

   8. via Toaster

   9. Via Blackberry Playbook

   10. Via Calculator

   11. Via Blackberry Touch

   12. via iPhone

   13. via Android (official)

   14. via T-Mobile Sidekick (official)

   15. via Windows Phone (official)

   16. via SonyEricsson

   17. Via iPhone 4

   18. Via iPhone

   19. Via iPad 3

   20. via Ovi by Nokia

   21. via Google+

   22. via PlayStation 3

   23. via Mafia Wars Game

   24. via Selective Tweets

   25. via Snaptu

   26. via HTC Sense

   27. via My INQ Mobile

   28. via Facebook for Camera EOS 50D

   29. via Tasha’s iMac i7

   30.  via A Potato

   31. via Toilet

   32. via The Moon

   33. via Refrigerator

   34. via Your Mom’s Computer

   35. via Pizza Hut

   36. via My Bedroom

   37. via Eye Phone

   38. via Fedex

   39. via Friendster

   40. via Accident

   41. via Magic

   42.  via Hell

   43. via Heaven

   44. via NASA Satellite

this trick and fool your friends but make sure you share this post with
them later and comment your’s friend feeling after viewing this


 Post your Facebook status Via anything



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