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Hello everybody today i will show you how to find you lost mobile is should be android .many peoples lost there mobile phone and try to find you mobile.You just want to do these steps so that in case you mobile lost you can find it
just follow these steps i hope it will work for you.

 First here is now use of android  device manager which can help you in locating your misplaced android mobile just do these steps.

1.Go to google.com/android/devicemanager. 

2.Login to your gmail id through which you are using your mobile .

3.The site will automatically connect to your phone and display a message like: “Last located at Time;    Place –  Accurate to 574 meters. Last used Date”.

4. you can ring on it by clicking on ring and the device will ring at full volume for 5 minutes .to check it as it is working or not.

through these steps you can secure you mobile and if it is lost you can find it quickly

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