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[Steps] How to filter products by seller in Flipkart Find Here!

If you are struggling to search any product by particular seller or searching products only for particular seller may be a W.S retail seller on flipkart I know it is very hard to find products selling by particular seller now You don’t need to worry because Now you can filter Products by seller or sort the products by the seller name like W.S retailer on Flipkart.


You just need a Chrome browser and a Filpkart filter by seller Extention so lets start the Guide on How to Filter Products on Flipkar by Seller Name using chrome extention.

 #How to Filter Products on Flipkart By there Sellers

1.Download and Extract Flipkart seller Filter Extension for Chrome browser [HERE].  

2Now Open Chrome And Type this in address bar “chrome://extensions/”and click on load unpacked extension And browse the extracted folder that you have downloaded from above link.


3. After loading the extension Restart the Chrome browser and Open Flipkart.com and search for any product and then scroll down there you will get a new option of Search by seller on Flipkart


4.Now Type the name of the Seller like W.S retail and Click on filter.Done! All the products sell by that particular seller will be shown.

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