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Google New Product ‘Google Play’ Link To Navigation Bar

A new link is appearing on navigation bar of Google. Google has been added a “Play link” button in their home page. Simply click on Play link button which is given in top horizontal menu and you will entered in Google Play home page, where users can choose between several genres of games content, including music, books, movies, and Android apps.
Google change the Android Market as Google Play we can say that Android Market checks out, Google Play moves in. This play shop is shop for apps, e-books, music, and videos.

Google Play now has a coveted spot on Google’s own navigation bar, which appears atop the search giant’s home page. The Play link is hard to miss–just look to the left of the word “NEW” in eye-grabbing red caps.

CNET has also reported that Google may begin selling movies via Play.You can buy games at Google Play.Google Play marketplace is definitely trying to become the Android version of the iTunes Store, which surprisingly doesn’t already existed.

The mobile updates for the new Google Play store will be sent out automatically to Android device owners.

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