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[Beta] Download And Flash Android M 6.0 on OnePlusOne [Rom]

Now You can Install android M on OneplusOne (1+1)device,yes You read it correct Android M (milkshake) 6.0 is now available for OneplusOne device.We know that Google released Android M last month for Nexus devices.
But This Android M firmware is now Ported on OnePlusOne Device for this thanks to Aaahh for porting android M on Oneplusone.As this Andorid M 6.0 is in beta version so it is not too much Stable and not for Daily use but you can Multiboot Android M 6.0 Rom using ak kernel only on OneplusOne.


So lets Start the Guide on how to Flash Android M 6.0 on OnePlusOne 


1.You need a PC (without PC you can’t flash Android M.
2.FastBoot Drivers.)
3.Download Android M 6.0 Firmware Rom For OnePlusOne.
4.And of course OneplusOne to do some magic. 
5.USB Cable.

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#Flash Android M 6.0 Rom in OneplusOne

1. Download Android M 6.0 Beta version files for OnePlusOne and copy it in you Fastboot Folder.

2.Now connect you Oneplusone to your PC/Laptop.

3.Then Open fastboot on you Compute and Type the following Commands in it.

fastboot flash boot b6.img

fastboot flash system system_new.img

fastboot reboot

4.Done!After Rebooting Your device will take some time to Restart and Your oneplusone is now running on latest Android M 6.0 milkshake for now.

Below are the list of Bugs in Android M 6.0 Rom for oneplusone


  • Audio can cut in and out sometimes
  • Most Sensors are done
  • Bluetooth
  • Multiple versions of the same app
  • Crashing apps
  • SystemUI not yet updated (not really a bug)


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