How to change lollipop SE Linux to enforcing or permissive

This is tutorial of how to change the selinux status of android lollipop 5.0.1,5.0.2 as well as kitkat .As in android lollipop some app not works in Enforcing mode and some of them not working Permissive mode to solve this problem we need to change the Selinux status of our android system with below trick.

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For doing this your device shout be rooted properly and super su installed in it.then follow below guide to change selinux status.

#Steps to change SE Linux status to Enforcing or Permissive

1.Download the free SElinuxModeChanger.apk App from below link:
Google play banned SE linux mode changer so link to xda

SElinux Modechanger app.apk

2.Then open the app as it require root permission if ask grant as it will not work without root.

3.Now it will looks like below Image. 

4.Now tab on Enforcing or permissive to change SElinux status in you android phone(kitkat 4.4.4, 4.4.3 or lollipop 5.0.+)
5.Like here I tap on permissive tab as my SElinux status is now showing permissive mode through this method you can change to enforcing and do swap between each  other.

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