Today I will tell you how to send or transfer you paytm cash from one paytm account to another paytm account,Many peoples use paytm app for recharging there mobiles and there friend mobile,but some time we need to send our paytm wallet cash amount to another account or used to recive paytm balance fro one account to another for some reasons,but how ?It is similar as to transfer money from one account to bank account but it was very simple compare to it.
No worrie just follow below steps/guide on how to transfer paytm wallet cash to another account ?This is  for android ,windows as well as for Iphones/IOS devices.


Steps to Tansfer paytm wallet money to another account

1.Firstly we need to download paytm wallet app.apk that is an official  free app by Paytm for managing wallet money from below link.

1.Download Paytm wallet app.apk for android
2.Download paytm wallet app for Iphone/IOS
3.Download paytm wallet app for windows.

2. After downloading paytm wallet app open it and login to your paytm account from which you want to send money.
3. Then you will see an option of pay a friend click on it.then it will ask mobile number on which you want to send paytm balance.the mobile number must be register to the paytm.
4.Now after entering mobile number click on send money to.
5. New window will aperer asking you to enter ammount o send then enter the amount in it click Pay button 
 6.Congratulations. You have successfully sent your paytm wallet balance to another Paytm account.


7. Now to verify that the money is send to another account or not logout to your current paytm account ans login to you another paytm account in which you send you paytm wallet money.

8.From this way you can send how to send paytm cash to friend or any other account.

Note:As in Iphone/IOS and in Windows paytm app the wallet feature in single app i.e is in paytm you can follow the same steps with that app also but clicking on wallet button on wallet button,see image below.

iPhone Screenshot 2ce7d4e88-88cf-41ae-860a-844b1158cb0c
IOS App                                         windows app

still you have query you can ask in comments and don’t forget to say thanks 😀


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