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How to Enable Notification light on Moto G4 Plus 2016

Moto G4 plus comes with hidden led notification light in built in it near the fingerprint sensor we have shared the article it also you can check it here Hidden LED Light on Moto G4 Plus 4th gen 2016.Now you can easily enable this hidden notification led light on Moto G4 plus 2016.But for this You must have root access.If you want to root your device then you can follow this guide on How to root Moto G4 plus.

So if you have root access enable now you can follow below steps to enable notification led on moto g4th gen plus 2016.

#How to enable hidden Notification Led Light ?

  1. Download Light Flow Legacy app to control the led
  2. Once you’ve installed it, you must give notification access.
  3. Go to menu > settings > Device Settings and Root > check “root mode” and “run every command as root”.
  4. Then go to menu > settings > LED control > Additional LEDs found > check “charging control”
  5. Now, go to menu > notification settings > click the 3-dot menu on any of the items in the list > settings
  6. In the next screen, swipe right to find a tab called Light. Find charging LED and click on it. You’ll have an option of turning it “solid”.
  7. You also have an option to set its brightness, but that setting didn’t change the led’s brightness.
  8. On the top right corner, you have an option called “Test”. Click on that and switch off your display.
  9. You should see the charging led light up.

So here is how to enable hidden notification light on moto g4 plus

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