How to Acess Unblock sites


If you are struggling to access a website, simply because the website blocked
Work area or behind a pay-wall in these cases limited Google is your best friend.
Google allows many services: –

1 modules Google: Google – modules act as a proxy server between the user and the target
         website.If you surf or download a file from a website want to say.
         Unfortunately, the site is blocked at work space.Then modules help Google
         Write = only Google proxy to facilitate to download the files provides
      pdf, mp4, etc etc …

Google Mobilizer 2: – There are many sites that do not have a mobile version in this case
         Google Mobilizer acts as a proxy to help you.It in a mobile-friendly website

3 Google Translator – Google Translator to translate act as a proxy for the entire site
         language.You user can change the language of the web page in each language
         Any user.
         Type:- http: // sl = ru and tl = en & u = http 😕 //
         Here IS the source language and the language  is results can be translated into another