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Google Dorks you should Know about it Explained! [Must see]

Google Dorks are in the middle of Google-hacking. Many hackers use Google to find vulnerable sites and then these vulnerabilities to hacker.

Note: This information is provided for educational purposes only.

Google Dork has lots of juicy information.Some Google Dork command is as follows: –

Facebook username and password for these commands only guy on GOOGLE

filetype: txt inurl: @ gmail.com inurl: Facebook inurl: password

Also for Gmail TYPE filetype: txt inurl: inurl @ gmail.com Gmail inurl: password

Theory behind it: – What are we trying to Google Google was an idiot instruct Google search for files that contain the string facebook, password, and the file format for text. In fact, the data that we collect is the result of script kiddies that used for phishing Facebook or Gmail account. There are many more commands google dork only Google search.
1.filetype: SQL InSite: && User Pass: We can username and password. 

2. filetype: config inurl: inurl web.config ftp: “. Found the google Depp, sensitive information MYSQLServer” uid and password “

3. inurl: “passed” or inurl: “Password” inurl OR “credentials” -Download -search – techsupt -git -Games -Gz Bypass is -exe filetype: txt @ yahoo.com Hotmail rediff ,gmail
-It many phishing Sites are hosted in the Internet, will forget this idiot files.Q offer

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