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How to Log In to Multiple Gmail Accounts at Once

This post is for those who has multiple Gmail accounts and use all those accounts for different purpose. I also have an email address for personal use and other for business. In this case i need to check my both email id daily. But login to all email account to check and reply mail in different browsers is risky and complex. And switching accounts in same browser also takes time. So how you can manage all your email accounts easily.
Google has introduce a nice feature by which you can manage all your email accounts at one place. It is Multiple Sign-in. By this feature, users can select their different accounts from a single menu, eliminating the need to sign in and out of each one individially or to log in with different browsers. Here’s how to enable the feature.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the link and login with Google account.
  2. Select On – Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser and select options given below
  3. Click Save to retain the changes for your account.

Now go to Gmail and click on the name in the top-right corner of the page to bring up account options. Select Switch account from the menu that appears.
Select sign in another account and then enter other account’s details.
Now you can easily switch between these 2 accounts. 

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