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Google Search trick part 1

Trick 1


You can have multiple email address of your existing gmail

account just add “+” symbol after your user name then add

anything followed by @gmail.com. Read the example below

for better understanding.

My gmail id is hammad@gmail.com, Suppose I have three

friends meena, teena, veena and if they ask for my email

address then I tell them its hammad+ neetu@gmail.com,

hammad+ teena@gamil.com and hammad+


When they send me at this address it first goes to gmail

server where it recognize it as hammad@gmail.com and

avoids “+” sign and anything after it. So any mail send to

hammad+ anything@gmail.com come in my inbox.

So If you have Boyfriend/Girlfriend tell him/her email your

email id as yourmail+ yourmate@gmail.com

27 | P a g e

Note: TO check your mail you have to login as

yourmail@gmail.com that is in my case

hammad@gmail.com without “+” sign.

Trick 2:

Google Calculator: Just enter the expression in the Google

search box and press enter, the next page will show the

result of that expression. Try searching for 1542-182*2/5

and see the result.

Below you can find few math syntax Google can recognize:

1.+ for addition

2.for subtraction

3.for multiplication

4./ for division

5.^ for exponential (x to the power of y)

6.% for modulo (to find the remainder after division)

7.choose X choose Y fines the number of possible subset

groups of Y out of the set of X.

8.% of finds percentages X % of Y finds X percent of Y.

9.sqrt finds the square root of the number that follows

10. ln logarithm base e

11. log logarithm base 10

28 | P a g e

12. lg logarithm base 2

13. ! factorial – This must follow the number you wish

to factor.

SoOo…these are some Hidden tricks of google and….I

think 2nd One is very usefull for Mathmatics friends…. ☺

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