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How To Install Android on PC

The day looks like to have a cloud with an unseen benefit of shedding rays of hope to get the Android operating system on your PC or on your laptop. This procedure that we are about to discuss, is not guaranteed to work on your system but has been known to work on most of the system. However, the procedure has been confirmed to work on Asus eee PC.

Before you Begin:

Before you begin the process of installation of Android Eclairs 2.0, the latest version of this series onto your PC, you need to download Android x86 and port this into your laptop or computer onto which you are going to install  Android OS.
Once you are done with installing the Android x86, follow this systematic instruction to install the OS into your laptop or personal computer.
Step 1: As already discussed, the first step that you need to do is to boot the system with Android x86 file. In addition, you need to push the same into your USB storage disk by either using Win32DiskImager or UNetBootIn.


Step 2: Once loading Android x86 is done onto your USB drive, then you need to load the USB into your net book and boot the same from the USB drive via BIOS options and will require to restart your computer or laptop on completion.


Step 3: Following this step, automatically this will initiate the installation of Android OS by using the same USB without the need to install the Android on your hard disk.
Step 4: On deciding to install the Android using this technique you will be prompted to choose the partition where this can be installed. When the installation process is being completed, this is necessary to format using EXT3 format and following this, you will be given the option to choose the GRUB boot loader.
Step 5: Once you are done with all the above steps, then it is necessary to reboot the system and run your computer or laptop on Android system.


Once you are done with these installation steps, you can run your computer or laptop powered with Android operating system. For those who has found this work on their system successfully were able to enjoy all the applications, features and enhancements looks and works great! Except for the small complaints about USB disconnection, which could be vexing, other features like Wi-Fi, Mouse, Bluetooth, Keyboard and other peripheral connections looks good enough.
The advantage of using this OS is that you can back all your data on this OS in the USB stick and can always recover in another computer when your computer fails. What is more interesting and amusing is that this Android OS comes with Android market and therefore you have heaps of applications to browse and enjoy!

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