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Top 10 Smiley Websites

Wondering how to express your mood- sad, happy, angry, excited? Well you have it all here!!! You can express your mood, add that human element to your rigid communication through smileys or emoticons as many call it. This article presents you a list of top 10 smiley sites.

1. MYSMILEY: This site provides free smileys wherever whenever you want, for your instant messaging, yahoo, MySpace.  The site will complete its 5 years in April 2011.

Url : www.mysmiley.net

2. SMILEYWORLD: Another popular site to download smiley is smileyworld.com .It lets you download a toolbar onto your computer. The toolbar program works with AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook and most other web based mails as well as instant messengers.

Url : www.smileyworld.com

3. SMILEYCENTRAL: The big daddy of free smiley icons. Smiley Central has been around for years and is extremely popular. They have over 10,000 icons including graphically rich 3D animated icons.

Url : www.smiley.smileycentral.com

4. SMILEYARENA: Smileyarena has a database of over 40000 smileys and emoticons that gives you the liberty to enter a smiley name and search its database. It is a well designed site that has a lot of free smileys to download.


5. FREESMILEY: The site has a rich collection of smileys. It also lets the members create their own smiley galleries that other users can then browse and use. There’s enough space given to all that allows for some pretty big personal collections!!!! The users can add descriptive text to their personal collection of smileys that can help others to search them.

Url : www.freesmiley.org

6.PIC4EVER: Pic4ever.com hosted in MONTREAL, QUEBEC in CANADA provides a vast variety of smileys and emoticons. The user does not need to download any toolbar. He simply needs to copy the code and paste it wherever he wants.

Url : www.pic4ever.com

7. PLANETSMILIES: With 14000 smileys planet smileys is one of the biggest smiley sites on web. The site has been operational since 2003. The smileys are put under various categories including happy, sad, cool etc. It also allows hot linking. User can use smileys with chat programs such as ICQ, AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and money others and they can be used on any forums and websites as well.

Url : http://planetsmilies.net/

8. CLICKSMILEY: The site presents its users with two drop down lists – Smiley Category and User smileys . Simply choose a smiley category from the Drop down Menu on the left, and then click on the smiley you would like to use and use the provided codes.

Url : www.clicksmilies.net

9. THESMILIES: TheSmilies provides thousands of free smileys to its users and unlike other emoticon/smiley websites all smileys  are 100% free of Spyware, Adware and Viruses. All smileys can be downloaded (for personal use only), used on chat programs such as MSN, Aim, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger. They can also be used on any forums, websites as well! We have even included the code for you for direct linking! The user does not have to download any software or fill any forms to get access to the smileys.

Url : www.thesmilies.com

10.33SMILEY:  This website lets you download smileys – the majority are taken from the Smiley Central website.

Url : www.33smiley.com

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