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NASA Spacescapes theme

Roam the far corners of the universe—distant galaxies, dying stars, and the echoes of the Big Bang—with this free NASA theme for Windows 7. Download Note:...


Alan Wake theme

Are you writing the story? Or is the story writing you? Get inside author Alan Wake’s head with this free Windows 7 theme based on the best-selling...


Halo: Reach theme

Battle for planet Reach with this free Windows 7 theme from the best-selling Halo series, now rocking Xbox systems worldwide. Download Notes: The game...


Gears of War 3 theme

Prepare your desktop for battle with this free Windows 7 theme containing portraits of Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago and Anya Stroud from Gears of War 3...


Harry Potter theme

Get images of Harry Potter—along with Hermione, Ron, and others Who Shall Not Be Named—on your desktop in this free Windows 7 theme based on the movie...


Avatar theme

Immerse yourself all over again in Pandora, lush moon world of luminous vegetation and waterfall-trailing islands floating in space, where the noble...